It's time to challenge the Common Wisdom.

The Common Wisdom says you can't beat the S&P 500.

We don't agree.

ThinkingLonger uses a long-term, momentum-based strategy to generate recommended stock portfolios for tax-free/deferred accounts designed to beat the S&P 500 index upon which those recommendations are based.

If you sign up, we'll send you our 2021 recommendations, and you can then track how we're doing. We'll update our results periodically on our blog.

The Common Wisdom says day traders always lose money.

We don’t agree.

ThinkingShorter uses short term price appreciation, based on patterns identified over 312 trading months (from 1994 – 2020), to identify stocks that, taken together, tend to continue to appreciate. We use rigid stop loss rules (1% of the purchase price) to prevent meaningful losses. Over the 26 measured years, our back-testing demonstrates that our methodology always makes money (from 3% - 48% annually).

From time to time, we’ll publish our monthly recommendation and let you know how we’re doing.

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