May 3, 2021

Six Things Every Law Firm Associate Should Know

Andrew D. Ellis avatar
Andrew D. Ellis

“If you want to beat the S&P 500, start thinking of the index as a filter and not a benchmark. It’s the starting line; not the finish line.” Andrew D. Ellis, Founder, ThinkingLonger, LLC

I’ve spent many years working at law firms. Here’s what I learned:

  1. No firm cares if you ever have enough to retire.
  2. No firm exists for the benefit of any employees.
  3. No firm wants more partners; firms only want more clients.
  4. The firm exists only for the benefit of its partners; everyone else is just an expense.
  5. The firm exists to leverage your time and skills.
  6. Associates without clients are very replaceable.

Here at ThinkingLonger, we believe that personal financial autonomy is a worthy goal, and we want to help everyone achieve it.